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The Tenant-Friendly State of London's Citywide Office Leasing Market

Looking for a serviced office to rent in London or its surroundings can seem like difficult work, but any investments of time and effort typically pay off. Serviced offices in London are common enough today that providers work hard to court their clients, meaning that those who persist can find some excellent deals. Whether that means an unexpectedly low lease total for a satisfactory set of offices or a especially generous price an some that exceed the needs of the company in question, clients typically enjoy a lot of leverage in today’s market.

In the Mayfair region, for example, a serviced office to rent today might carry a price tag well below what it did even five years back. That is obviously not a reflection of the state of the neighborhood itself, since Mayfair remains one of the most desirable places to set up shop in central London. Instead, it shows how much competition there is for tenants in the area, with serviced office london companies having poured their attention into the area one after another in recent years.

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On Brick Street in Mayfair, for example, a string of highly satisfying office spaces stretches for quite some distance. While the companies that maintain these offerings do vary quite a bit in how easy they are to work with, they are generally alike in dealing persistently with vacancies. That means prospective tenants can often play one provider off against the others, a useful kind of leverage that can result in some truly impressive offers.

The situation might even be more attractive over on Liverpool Street. That street is, once again, a top destination for businesses, running as it does right through the high-powered City of London. Being so close to London’s financial powerhouses, though, does not have to mean paying exorbitant lease fees. As with Mayfair so close by, Liverpool Street, too, is a place where something of a surplus of options puts tenants in an admirable position, so resourceful ones can virtually write their own tickets.

While some look at the need as a bothersome duty that simply must be addressed, then, the reality is that finding a well-equipped, office, complete with full services, is probably easier today than at any time in the past. In fact, some who set out on the quest, after discovering just how much opportunity there is, quickly change their minds and end up enjoying the work quite a bit as they come across more options than they had thought would present themselves.

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